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Offers fine dining, conversation, and dancing to a live band. Between September and April, dances are held one Saturday each month at the East Student Union. Dinner is served at 6:30 PM, and the band plays from 7:30 to 10:00 PM. Everyone is encouraged to come for the meals because this helps cover the costs of the ballroom. Dues for 2015-2016 are $140/couple for the full season (8.75/person/dance), or $75/couple for a single semester. Dues are applied toward band fees. Member duties include working on one dance committee each year to help plan the meal, manage reservations for the dance, and plan table decorations.

Reservations are required for dinner and/or dance and are due one week prior to each dance. Dinners are a flat rate, usually ranging from $16 to $26 per person or $32 to $52 per couple. Dance themes and menus usually are announced by e-mail about ten days prior to a dance. Late cancellations are discouraged (our club is charged for the meals whether or not those who order them attend). Donations to the club are appreciated and help us engage high quality bands.

For more information, please write to the Faculty Dance Club
or contact club presidents Janice & Ralph Olson.
Scroll to RESOURCES at the bottom of the page for Dance Committee Guidelines, maps, and more.
Want to preview the next dance menu? Visit The Dance Card.
Looking for more places to dance? Visit our Local Dance Opportunities page.

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  Copyright 2009 Kate Brooke For questions and the most current schedule information, please contact club presidents Janice & Ralph Olson.
  Dance Schedule for Fall of 2015
  Dance Date: Band:  
  Saturday, September 19 Leo Lonnie Orchestra  
Saturday, October 17 Greg Spevak Orchestra  
Saturday, November 14 Fabtones  
Saturday, December 12 Bobby Layne & his Orchestra  
Dance Schedule for Spring of 2016
Dance Date: Band:  
January 16, 2016 Fabtones  
February 13 Skylark  
March 19 Leo Lonnie Orchestra  
April 16 Greg Spevak Orchestra  
Do you know of a band our members would enjoy? Please tell our club officers. Most helpful would be if you know the band's fee, their contact information, and details of any upcoming public performances so club officers can go listen to their music. Let us know about bands you've discovered!


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Faculty Dance Club Officers:

Presidents Janice & Ralph Olson

Presidents Elect Patti & Bob Jones

Secretaries Marie & Tom Vodvarka

Treasurers Lynne & David Smith


Send your message to the Faculty Dance Club's web manager, who will forward your e-mail to the appropriate club officer. You may also write directly to the web manager/e-mail sender outer.

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Information on this site usually is updated within a day of when the website manager receives it.
If what you're looking for isn't here, please contact a club officer. Thank you!

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Historic Perspective:

In 1914 Dr. Winette Orr, a surgeon at an orthopedic hospital, and his wife invited friends to dancing parties at the hospital. In 1916 the group selected Faculty Dance Club as its name, and became a formal organization in 1923-24 with the election of a president. In 1977 membership was expanded to include Doane College, Southeast Community College, Lincoln Public Schools, and Nebraska Wesleyan University.

In the early years, dances were held in a variety of locations. The old NU library (Architecture Hall) often was used. Other popular places included Roseland Ballroom (11th & N Streets), the Shrine Club (Hillcrest), the old Lincoln Hotel (Holiday Inn), and the original Cornhusker Hotel. The Activities Building on East Campus and the Nebraska Student Union also were used. Dances now are held almost exclusively in the East Union, although in recent years the City Campus Union and the Hillcrest Country Club also were occasional venues. Live bands continue to be a trademark at the Club's eight dances each year. Until the mid-1940s, tuxedos were occasionally the dress for a dance. Costume parties also were popular during the Club's first fifty years. Except for the December holiday dance, today's attire is less formal.


The Faculty Dance Club is an Interest Group
of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Women's Club
(previously known as the Faculty Women's Club).

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The Dance Card (details regarding our next dance)

MAPS for Members, Guests, and Bands


Faculty Dance Club Duties of Officers

What is Line of Dance?
Find new dance steps and tips
at the
Learning Center.

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